Kotdanda Vipassana Meditation Center

Dhammāgāra, Kotdanda Vipassana Meditation Center is local registered center at Kotdanda, Godawari-2, Lalitpur, State 3, Nepal. Its Pāli name is Dhammāgāra.  It is composite of two word of Pāli Language. Dhāmma (law of Nature)  and Agāra (home or house). It means home of dhamma.

Center has hall capacity of 60 people.

1 Day Vipassana Course every 1st and 3rd Saturday of English Month is organized, given there is no overlapping 10 Days Vipassana Course is running.
1 Day Children Course every 5th Saturday of English month (if there is 5th Saturday for respective month)

First 10 day vipassana course was organized for 24 people (16 male, 8 female) from 5 oct 2019 to 16 oct 2019.

After this course there will be regular 10 day vipassana course every month starting on 1st week of English Month.

One AT residence and Three residence with two occupant is ready. More residence are under construction to accommodate 10 male and 10 female.

Center is under construction and interested old students are welcome to participate in dānā.